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This is our welcome letter to you. We are so happy you are here and will do everything we can to raise as much money as possible. Below you'll find all of the important information on how we run our fundraisers, what color options are available, and more. If you have any questions at all, just ask! When you are ready, we'll get the fundraiser going for you!



Thank you for choosing Lemon Aid Apparel for your fundraising needs. Here’s some info to answer questions that you might have and to spell out what will be needed before the fundraiser begins.


If you didn’t already read it on our website, here is a brief overview of how it all works and also how and why we started Lemon Aid


Before the fundraiser can begin, we will need to know what type of graphic you might want on your shirts. Read here what makes a “good” graphic for fundraising purposes. If you already have a graphic in mind, perfect! Send it our way! If you need some help with that, we are happy to design something for you. The cost for design services is $30 which includes the initial design and two revisions if necessary. The $30 will come off of the total that your fundraiser generates, so you owe nothing upfront or EVER. To make the design process easy, make sure to check out what makes a good fundraising graphic and be as specific as possible. Include any screenshots of ideas, let us know what color, if you like a certain type of font, etc. 


Once the actual graphic is determined, we need to pick a color or colors that it will be printed in. Sticking to one color will make you the most money! Color options can be viewed here


Here you can find our most popular shirt choices. If there’s something else you are interested in, we can certainly get pricing on that as well. These are the ones we typically use because they are high-quality but low-cost, which means you get more money!


The last thing that we will need from you is your story. We like to share at least a little information on the WHY of the fundraiser on the website – a bit about the recipient, backstory, and/or photos. If you need inspiration, you can read some of the other stories we’ve received here.


Now all we have to do is pick a start and end date. We’ve found that it works best if a fundraiser runs for 10 days. We like to start them on a Friday and end the following Sunday, so that it covers two weekends = when people are more likely to shop!


Each fundraiser receives its own page on the website. We will post on our social media channels daily and strongly suggest as much cross-promotion and sharing as possible, as it will be your friends and family that will be most interested, and likely not as many people that specifically follow Lemon Aid. We share on our personal social media accounts as well. 


The apparel will be produced and mailed to each customer within fourteen days of the fundraiser’s end. If a situation arises where a specific size or color of a particular garment is not available within the timeframe specified, a substitution of equal quality and color will be provided. (It's normally much faster than 14 days). 


Within seven days of the fundraiser’s end, a bank issued check will be mailed to you at the address that is provided. 


Some people find this checklist helpful to keep track of the five things that we need from you before the fundraiser can start. 

Please let us know if you have any questions! We look forward to working with you!

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