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VAL D "a lover & a fighter"

Valentino Adonis Louis Dziak (his initials-VAL D) was born a "lover" November 30, 2019...little did we know he would become a "fighter" at just four months old after being diagnosed with a neuroblastoma. At three months, his left upper eyelid slightly drooped along with a smaller pupil size difference in that eye, both serving as his only visible symptom of Horner's Syndrome. He's an adorable and cuddle loving champ weighing in at the 90th percentiles for growth and we believe this has helped him persevere through his diagnosis.

Val D-3.jpg

Zack, Danielle, Lorenzo (big brother 3 years old), and Valentino (9 months old) Dziak would love to see photographs of you wearing your VAL D shirts! Please send any photos to the Facebook page. They will then be added to the scrapbook of his journey as a visual reminder of all of the support. 


Photo by Aileen Elizabeth Photography


Photo by Aileen Elizabeth Photography

This fundraiser ended on Sunday, September 27th.
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