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The Sanctuary is a church in South Amherst, Ohio that began as The First Congregational church in 1834. The building has seen many changes since it was built. Our historian tells us that there used to be two entrances at the for the women and one for the men. Of course, the men and women did not sit together either. Heated by the wood burning fireplace and with no running water, the church thrived as an off shoot of Charles Finney's ministry. So, even before automobiles were the common form of transportation and horses were tied to the posts, the church has been alive with the Word. The Sanctuary, is now an interdenominational church where the Word is taught and the spirit moves freely. And just as the building has undergone many changes over the years so have the people. As a group we consider ourselves family and constantly encourage each other to grow spiritually. The great commission is taken seriously as we extend ourselves to those in need. We would like to encourage everyone to worship with us and feel the presence of Christ.

This fundraiser is to raise money for:

*Painting the entire sanctuary

*Replacing the carpet

*Replacing pews with locking chairs

*Replacing windows and door

*Repairing exterior and windows

Our heart's desire is 

To find the lost

To heal the broken

To feed the hungry

To release the prisoners

To teach the nations

To bring Christ to all

To make music in the heart

This fundraiser ended on Sunday November 15.