Mighty Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae is a 4 year old who has been fighting neuroblastoma for 2 years. Ellie was diagnosed when she was 2 1/2, when they found a tumor on her adrenal gland after being sick on and off for 7 weeks. They were able to remove the entire tumor in July 2019. There was questionable spots on her spine that they decided to just watch over time.. During a routine scan in march 2020 we got news that there was new spots, on her spine, ribs and skull. Ellie started treatment in March 2020 just as the world was experiencing a global pandemic.

Ellie received surgery to remove the tumor, 5 rounds of Chemotherapy. 2 back to back stem cell transplants ( the 2nd one she got complications and it almost killed her. She was in the ICU for 3 weeks on a breathing machine), 12 rounds of radiation, 5 rounds of immunotherapy and ChemoEllie finished treatment August 12th. Her end of treatment scans were August 25th and they showed No Evidence of Disease! After a long, scary 17 months Ellie Mae will finally be done treatment. She did it, she kicked cancers butt, all while having a big smile on her face.

Let's celebrate this HUGE victory! Let's Celebrate Mighty Ellie Mae! She's fought a hard battle and she fought hard! She deserves this celebration.


This fundraiser will run October 1 - October 10, 2021.