Know the Glow

KnowTheGlow is an awareness campaign aimed at eliminating preventable early childhood blindness through shared information on the dangers of finding a glow in photos of the eyes of children.  The glow can indicate more than twenty glow-related eye diseases and cancers.  No child should go blind from preventable eye disease, and we help parents see their child's vision in a new light.  Our vision is to prevent children from losing theirs.

Our Vision

We aim to globally eliminate preventable early childhood blindness. Our Vision: prevent children from losing theirs.

Our Mission

We raise public awareness of the Glow (leukocoria) and the more than twenty different glow-related eye diseases and drive action to prevent childhood blindness.

Our Purpose

We help parents see their child’s vision in a new light. Because no child should go blind from a preventable eye disease.


*This print is available from Friday, May 13th through May 22nd

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