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Hwangstrong Foundation

We are happy to be able to offer this Christmas shirt to raise money for the Hwangtrong Foundation. They are a local (to us) non-profit organization. We’ve seen their work firsthand as they’ve been such a blessing after our granddaughter/niece’s cancer diagnosis. They have not been able to hold a fundraiser this year because of Covid, so our hope is that we can give to them as they give to so many. 


Hwangstrong Foundation’s Mission:

Our son, Jakob Hwang, used to say, "Having cancer isn't hard. What's hard is watching all of you guys deal with it." The mission of The Hwangstrong Foundation is to help families cope with their child's cancer diagnosis by providing educational, financial, and emotional support.

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For this fundraiser we are offering unisex long sleeve t-shirts and hoodies. For this fundraiser we will ship all items by December 15th so that we can make every effort possible to ensure delivery before Christmas. 

Start Date: Friday, November 27 - End Date: Sunday, December 6. 

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