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How it Works

Contact us, let us know what you're looking for, and we'll take it from there!

Sure, there are other similar companies, but our main goal is to get you more money per shirt than they do. With that said, we have to know exactly what you'd like in order to give you an exact amount. It depends on the style of shirt, the end quantity, and the size of the graphic. Typically, we can give anywhere between $8 and $18 per shirt. More on that HERE

Once we have the aesthetics ironed out, you'll choose a date to launch. We find that it's best to begin offering your shirts on a Friday and allowing the sale to run through the following Sunday; a total of ten days, including two weekends.

Your friends, family, and followers can order directly from our website and we'll ship it to each individual approximately two weeks after the sale ends.

- OR - 

You can order a specific amount of shirts yourself, they will all ship to you once they are ready, and you set the price and take care of the selling and delivery.

Check out how we got started to see why we are so passionate about partnering with you and then CONTACT US when you're ready!
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