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#NoraStrong    #NoraWarriorPrincess

Nora Sabella, a 7 year old, first grader at St. Charles School, is currently battling relapsed Neuroblastoma. Sweet Nora was first diagnosed with Stage 4, High Risk Neuroblastoma January 29, 2018. She went through 6cycles of chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant, 12 radiation treatments, 6 courses of immunotherapy, and many, many surgeries at Akron Children’s Hospital. She finished with frontline treatment March 24, 2019. Nora immediately started a vaccine trial called DFMO at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. After close to 2 years on the trial, a lesion was found in Nora’s abdomen during routine scans. On November 23, 2020 Nora had a second tumor resection surgery and the family was devastated to learn that she had relapsed. While small, the lesion was attached to her renal artery and renal vein making it impossible to remove 100%. Nora started chemotherapy and immunotherapy the following week. To date, she has completed 5 cycles. Scans followed cycle 5 and there is still a very small area of cancer visible. Her oncology team in Akron and the team at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City are working on a new plan of attack. More scans and different chemotherapy is a possible. Once Nora is clear, we will head to Memorial Sloan Kettering for a vaccine trial process that will take approximately 1 year to complete. The family will have to travel to NYC up to 10 times in that year. The vaccine trial is help her body learn to fight the Neuroblastoma on its own. Nora lives in Boardman, Ohio with her dad and mom, Jeff and Amy Sabella, and her big sister, Nina Sabella.

This fundraiser was available through Sunday, May 2nd at 11:59pm.
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