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We are so glad you are here! We included this page of the website to give you a little more info on what we do and WHY we do it this way.


We are really good at handing you money. We want to give you more. To do that, we’ve found the magic formula that works for us. Plenty of companies do it differently, offer more, super colorful graphics, huge, intricate patterns covering the whole shirt. They are gorgeous. We buy them to support others. It doesn’t work for us, though. We are able to give you more money than they are if we stick to the following “rules”…


We typically sell our items for $25 - $40 depending on the style of garment. With these prices, it’s the print that matters most in how much money you’ll receive per item. We spell it all out for you before we get started so that there’s never any confusion. Once we know what you are looking for, we’ll let you know EXACTLY how much you will receive per shirt sold. 


When we say it’s the print (design) that matters most, here’s what we mean:

Simple is best –

  • one or two colors of ink in the print, at most

  • a smaller graphic gives you more than a larger one will

  • one design on the front OR back, not both

  • one, single design makes you a lot more money than two or more


Additionally, offering only a few color options for the shirts themselves seems to help. You know that old adage “less is more” ??? Well, it is 100% true!! Having 1-3 styles (like a t-shirt and a hoodie) available in 1-2 colors each is the perfect amount. 


Here is an example of what would raise the most funds for you:


Here is an example of what would give you almost nothing or would cost so much we wouldn’t even break even:


Please let us know if you have any questions about this or anything else!!

If you are ready to learn more about running a fundraiser, please CONTACT US and we'll send you a welcome package with ALL of the info!

Thank you!!

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