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 Why we do what we do


Lemon Aid Apparel was started to raise money for those in need. This might mean that a loved one is in the hospital requiring life-altering (and expensive) surgery. Or maybe you run a charity donating meals to your community with lacking funds because of Covid. We want to help. 


Laura (mother) and Erica (daughter) began Lemon Aid after their granddaughter / niece was diagnosed with cancer in July of 2020. When looking for a way to raise money for her extremely lengthy treatment plan, loss of income, etc., they began making t-shirts to sell with the proceeds going right to the family. In a matter of weeks, several thousand dollars was able to be handed over. They realized then, that this model could be beneficial to others. 

There are other similar companies, yes. But Lemon Aid's goal is get more money into the hands of those that need it or will do good things with it. 

What's with the name? Lemmon is a name that is mighty in our family, and we want to provide Aid to people in a time of need.

So, when life gives you lemons...

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